My thoughts and activities in Dharamsala

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tough Times

Well I was definitely surprise to see that folks are reading this blog especially since I have not written in it in a while. I did have the purpose of writing about some of the many interesting characters that I have met while in Dharamsala and India in general. But I have been having a really tough time these pass few months. I have just finished getting out of a horrid living situation with my roommates in my old pad, and I am working at a car parts factory 6 days a weeks, 12 hours a day. So that does not leave me with much leisure time to do things like update this blog. The good thing is that I am in a new living place totally solo, and I am preparing to return to India to study Tibetan intensively for two years, so that will provide many more posts and I am thinking of having one in Spanish also so that those Spanish and Latinos folks out can read about my adventures. So please come back after the 1st of July when my Tibetan language course begins in Dharamsala. Please wish me luck in my money saving endeavors. I need it, I am in a pretty exploitative work environment and my job sucks. I am flattered that anyone finds my shit interesting. Thank you for your comments.

Kangpa Tshapo