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Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Diwali passed.....

Tashi Delek to all you folks who read my entries! I've got to tell you that I definitely find it amazing that people are reading my stuff. It has nothing to with you, but mostly with my view of my self. My self-esteem has never been the best thus many times I feel that things that comes from me are not worth two cents. Of course this is not very spiritual of me and I have been hoping that spiritual inner reflection will gradually assist me in overcoming many of my deficits. Maybe!! So.. This passed Tuesday was the Indian festival of lights known as Diwali. Here in McLeod Ganj and I assume the rest of India this meant lighting off fireworks. Here I have only seen one small Hindu temple that I walk by everyday on my way to Tibet Charity. Diwali is the celebration of the victory of light over darkness, or if you want to be a bit deeper than this, the victory of wisdom over ignorance. As some of you might know Delhi had just suffered from some terrorist bombings right before Diwali, in which 60 or so people had died. I am sure that for those families who had lost someone in that blast that Diwali, the victory of light over dark, has a intensified meaning. This pass Monday, a few westerners (or I will now use the Tibetan term Inji's since I like the term so much) had a Halloween party. But we can not trick or treat here in McLeod Ganj, for that will surely ruffle many Tibetan feathers. We could get a tons of things to make costumes out of, but here some Inji's have permanent costumes and the locals will think nothing of it. So we had a party. No pumpkins, no candy, no cut-out copies of Dracula or the mummy. No witches on broomsticks (which by the way I have always found to be quite disgusting once I knew the history behind it). I've got to say that I'm glad not to have the commercial pressure that comes at this time of the year in the States. Over there, from Halloween, into Thanksgivings, into Christmas and New Years, we are jogged into a consumer frenzy. Just visit any Wal-mart. Dracula is replaced by Turkeys and then they are slyly replaced by Santa Claus and so on. No doubt that India is aiming from such consumerism, but at least in McLeod Ganj, that manifests with folks letting off firecrackers for a night and I can not forget a fight very now and again. Changing... Changing... I must, like all other American give my respects to Rosa Parks. Now that woman back in her day seriously "Rocked Da' House"/ RIP Rosa Parks. That all I got to say about that. My pass week in McLeod Ganj has been growing colder. In the sun it is pretty hot, but away from the sun it gets quite cold. I am currently searching for some winter clothes. For now though I am OK. I continue to tutor Dorjee Rinchen during the week which has been a blast, he is a very diligent student. Before too long I think his English improve dramatically and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am fighting a cold though, but with this being India, these things do happen. Two days ago I was pretty bad, but after sleeping for 14 hours straight I am all good. I figured out that if I drink a lot of Hot lemon, ginger honey tea, my body can woop a wussy little cold. If worst comes the worst, I can buy almost any medication here over the counter. Work at Tibet Charity Multi-Education Centre has been better. Many of our volunteers are truly talented individuals and I have been learning many things from them. For the most part I am the official "Office wrench" which has been very enjoyable. But so far, nothing outstanding has happen. I have found myself surprised with my Tibetan language progress. This morning I went to Kirti monastery were a monk named Jamyang Tempa lives. I was connected to him by the righteous Berea Tibetan named Tsering Ten (Wasssssuuup Ten). Jamyang knows absolutely no English what so ever, so I was at first quite nervous about meeting up with him and also he is from Amdo. But it turned out OK My Tibetan was very choppy of course, but I was content that we were able to communicate at a basic level. And now on every Sunday I will help him with his English (which will be interesting). Last weeking I did some minor touring of the area for the first time since I have been here. I went to the Bhagsu Waterfall, were I found a valley full of wet maroon shawls drying in the sun on huge rocks. A few Indian guys wanted me to be in their picture with them which was fun. They asked me if I liked WWF wrestling, and who my favorite wrestler was. Many folks were washing clothes or themselves below the waterfall. I touched it with my pinky finger and found it to be extremely cold. Above the waterfall I went to the infamous Shiva Cafe which is rumored to have the "Happy Lassi". This was quite the Hippy Dippy joint with some dreadheads milling about. I have been seriously forewarned about trying the "Happy Lassi" so I resisted the temptation and went on my merry way. From there I walked back to McLeod Ganj, on which on my way there I was scared half to death by a Swami holding a cobra. From McLeod Ganj I booked it up tp Dharamkot, which is about a 15 minutes walk from my apartment uphill. I reached a spot that was filled with prayer flags. I chilled there for a bit a went back to McLeod Ganj. Tomorrow, if I wake up early enough I might take a 3 or 4 hour hike to Triund which is the top of ridge which faces the really big mountains. But I will have to wake up at 5:30 am, for there are some teachers hiking together. It is already slightly snowing up there, so if I don't go now I might have to wait several months. No Mas, No Mas. Well, have fun where ever you might be. Muchas Amor.



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