My thoughts and activities in Dharamsala

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chillin’ Like a Illin’ Villain

I was suggested that I should place some line spaces within my blog so that it will be easier to read. I find it funny that I have never thought of it before. "Nga Kubpa Yin" Thus from now on I will make paragraphs with spaces. I have noticed that ever since I have been to India, I have developed some Indian habits. One being that if I shake someone’s hand I forget to let it go. The other is that I have acquired some habits of Indian English speaking. Such as saying "Ek minute:" instead of "wait one minute" or saying that " I have tension" instead of saying "I am stressed out." I have experienced numerous of such happenings, these things just seem to creep up on someone without first knowing it.

There is not too much going on with me at this point. The weather is getting hotter, but still a hell of lot cooler than Delhi. Also some thunderstorms have passed through. I continue to meet new people and say bye to old ones. This has become so normal. I generally hate saying good bye, so I hardly ever do. I will usually get into one of my moods. The way a feel about the whole thing is that we all will die someday. I prefer to depart to hugs and kisses without all the words. I think that this communicates better than spending all that time to say something that can be better felt by a hug. I always miss people, of course.

Life with the family is great, I am having tons of fun with them. My current Tibetan tutor has high-tailed it to Manali for a month, so I am very sad. I love my Tibetan tutor, we have so much fun together. I am looking forward for her to come back. I have found an another teacher who is willing to teach me free of charge. He is my Ama la’s brother. He is very good in Tibetan for he studied at the Center of Higher Tibetan Studies in Sarnath, India. Sarnath, where the Buddha gave his first sermon, is close to Varanasi. His approach is different from my tutor, but he will help me in terms of learning Classical Tibetan that I will need if I ever want to read Buddhist texts. He is also teaching me how write in the cursive script called "Khyuk". Right now I know the printed script called "U-Chen" very well, but it is also very slow to write in. Though I miss my old tutor, I am learning different things through my Ashang.

Multi-Education Centre is going great. I was substituting a beginners English Class, teachings Basic English fundamentals through rap. That has been utterly hilarious. Our current teachers are marvelous, and the students are learning so much. I am organizing a workshop is a few weeks in which a volunteer from NYC will come and teach theater games to assist in ESL learning. I am excited for that. The workshop will be open to other teachers from other institutions around McLeod Ganj.

Well that is all I have got, I spend most of my time at home so that I can practice Tibetan. I hardly go up to the market anymore. But I like it this way. It keeps me out of trouble. Though one might be surprised, there is a lot of trouble to get into in dense McLeod Ganj. Later Yall’s.


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