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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hold your horses

If any one is still reading this blog which ,I doubt, I have been contemplating what I shall so with it since I am not in Dharamsala at this time. So, through the suggestion of a good friend of mine I will place posts describing some of the characters that I have encountered while I was there. So soon, not sure when, I will dedicate each new post to one person and write about them, and I think that this will hold this blog until I get back to Dharamsala for Tibetan Language study next year. There afterwards this blog will focus on that phase of my life and my process towards the proficiency of the Tibetan language both in it's Classical literary and Lhasa colloquial forms. I hope that folks continue to read this blog if they are still doing so.



joe dinwiddie said...

Hello Hotfoot,

I hope your time back here in the states is going well. I just missed you in Berea, unfortunately. Where are you now and what are you doing? When are you going back?

Brooke and I have been busy. I have had a lot of stonemasonry work, and she is getting certified as a marriage and family therapist.
we are hoping to move to north carolina next year, near asheville.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Joe D.

Anonymous said...


I just found this blog, via a google search, and am enjoying reading a lot of your older posts. :) Just so you know you have at least one periodicly interested reader showing up out of the blue. I definitely will be coming back to read more of your archives and to check for new posts.


Shrinked Immaculate said...

Hi, i stumbled across your blog today an I think its very good. I have linked up with your blog on mine. Please keep updating yours.

eugene said...

hi. I stumbled across your blog yesterday and I'm planning to do exactley what you have done and would love to talk to you about it... could nt find a contact.. so .. my email is



Anonymous said...

Hey there
Tis One of the americans you met while in McCleod Ganj.. There were very few of us in the Himilayas.. it was nice : )
Anyhow This is Sarah B, the almost as tall as you redhead, giving you a shout out! and a take me back next year please! I still get such a smile on my face when i invision the motorcycle monk, the one waiter who was so sweet and tough always in his leather coat!
It was a blessing to meet you, one of the only americans to cross my path on my journey to india. Like you I am trying to figure out when I will go back!
Such an amazing land- Ahhhhh :)
Peace and Blessings-Sarah B
get in touch please and let me know whrre you are now.. I am in CA but heading to MI for the holidays-

Driftwood said...

I'm here.

I'm reading.

Keep posting. Love you till Niagara Falls -- Driftwood

... said...


I just passed by on this blog. I am planning to go to Dharamsala myself for Buddhist study and Tibetan Language. Do you want to exchange some information on how you planned/are planning your trip and where you study yourself??

Hope to hear from you!

Greets, Johan.

Anonymous said...

your writing is fantastic - holds one interest

aunty mar