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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Globe Hoppin'

Well, what can I say? I have finally, after many trails, accomplished my goal. I have saved the money that I needed for India and everything is set in order. This is after a very intense set of months that have passed by. There was much intrigue in my life as I passed on thorough this stage. Very much like a drama, I had rather horrid living situation at the beginning of my stay in Berea that ended very sourly. I had a little slice of romance (which is a first for me) which helped motivate me but also brought along it's pain with it. But most importantly, my employment at Tokico which was very intense.

My last day of work was this pass Thursday the 31st of May. It was quite anticlimactic, but many of the other co-workers, including my supervisor, told me that I will be missed and that I was a hard worker. In a odd way I am going to miss Tokico, and it is mostly because I have spend soo much of my waking time in the pass few months. Also I will miss many of the interesting folks that I worked with. I have learned a lot about myself and also about the folks that I have worked with. I realized that if one suffers with ones co-worker at a factory setting, then your co-workers will, for the most part, stand by you and support because one is willing to bust their butt. On the other hand, if one is lazy or as they say 'sorry' then there is not respect for that individual. No one will be willing to hear you out. I have gotten the addresses and emails of many of my co-workers. It also turns out that one of the supervisors has a interest in Tibetan Buddhism, which I found to be quite interesting and I will send him some pictures of monasteries which is requested.

It will take me a bit to get my writing back up to speed since my brain is in a bit of a lull.
My next step is to head to the United Kingdom tomorrow and hook up with Lydia, a super cool girl that I met in Dhasa and chill with her for a few days, and then head off to India where my old roommate will pick me up and we will travel somewhere. I will arrive in India on the 14th of June and then I will have to be in Dhasa by the 25th so that I can register myself at the Foreigners Registration Office. I am not looking forward to it since I don't particularly like dealing with Indian Bureaucrats.

My course will commence on the 1st of July, and hopefully with the same motivation that I have mustered from my factory job. I plan on diving my head full speed into studying Tibetan and see where I end up in two years. I was soo frustrated that I have lost soo much of my Tibetan because I did not have the time to meet with my Tibetan friends at Berea College. I will also like to learn some Hindi, but I am not trying to be overly ambitious either. I might look for a tutor in a once a week type manner.

I will be meeting other Berea students and alumni who will come to Dhasa. I am very excited to be meeting with them, we will have loads of fun. Well I will leave it at that for now. More to come for sure. I am also keeping a blog in Spanish, !Para los latinos en nuestro mundo bello¡ Si té interesa hace clic aquí.



Cara said...

Hotfoot - i'm looking forward to experiencing travel and india (well, tibetan india if that is a way to describe it) again! this post is a great start ! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Wendell-
I'll look for your email, I am thinking of returning to McCleod Ganj at the end of August and stayin for a month- are you gonna be at the neck of the wood? I am wanting to stay with the monks again in their hostel but was wondering where you are staying. Did you get a flat again? Looking forward to studyin reiki, yoga, massage, n tibetan.. last time I was there it was Nov. Whats the weather like in Sept?
sarah b

aunty said...


aunt marlyn