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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Beginning

Howdy Folks,
I would like to dedicate all the words that I will write on this blog to all the beautiful people who believe in me, those that sponsored my dream to directly participate in the Tibetan cause. To you I give one big ole blogger hug. I have now officially pseudo-graduated from Berea College with one more class to take this summer. The ceremony was amazing, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was an amazing speaker. My mother was in Berea for her first time, which was incredible, for you could see the excitement in her face. She was very impressed with Berea. I owe a lot to my mother for she went through a lot so that I could be alive today. On this day, I am packing my belonging to move into the headhouse at the Berea Gardens and Greenhouse, where I will live my summer until my journey to India.
There has been many thoughts that have gone through my mind since this pass Sunday. I have seen people that I have not seen in years. My friend Crystal showed up at my apartment this pass Tuesday after not seeing her in 6 years. She was present on the day that my name changed from Wendell to Hotfoot in that buggy Florida swamp in the spring of 1997. Anyways, with all the life changing experiences of the pass 7 years, I intuit that in India I will be radically changed. I have traveled all over the United States, and I considered those experiences to be very special. But this trip is different, this trip is for service, for the shift to a more self-less self. I am excited as I work through the process of going to India, buying tickets, getting shots, and the like. I hope that my ranting finds everyone in awesome relaxation and happiness. I probably won't put another posting on this blog until I come closer to leaving for India, which will be around the beginning of September '05, unless something very detrimental happens. Once again I thank everyone who has sponsored me for without you none of this could be possible. Namaste.

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ot you are beautiful still