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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Shot up

Yesterday I went to health services on campus and receive four shots, two in each arm. I got tetanus and typhoid in the left arm and hepatitis A and B in the right arm. I still need more shots like a polio booster and two hep B's and one hep A. Also I will need several malaria prevention pills. That is a whole much of shots. Right now my upper arms feels like Mike Tyson have been using them for punching bags for I can barely move them. I am working full time for the B.C. Greenhouse and Gardens, so my arm are making my work difficult. That's is my update, working through the process.


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Jonathan Schinhofen said...

When I went to Bolivia, I was a pincushion, too. The worst was the yellow fever shot. It gave me all of the symptoms of yellow fever. Except, I guess, the encephalitis. And the immunoglobulin shot in the butt hurts, too.

Hope you weather the shots.